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Technology Lookup

Auditzy Technology Lookup is a powerful tool that helps you discover the technologies used by any website. Powered by an extensive technology database it allows you to deep dive into any website and figure out the technologies used for development, testing or analytics.

To get started just head over to the Auditzy app and click on the Technology menu on the left sidebar.

Step 1: Entering the URL

There are 2 ways to extract technology for a URL, either by directly entering the URL in the URL field or by fetching the report on the basis of already added portfolio or competitor pages (URLs).

  • With Website URL

Enter any website URL, click Lookup Technology, and relax. Our system will generate a comprehensive technology report for you in no time.


  • With Portfolio or Competitor Pages

You can also fetch technology reports for websites that you've already added to your portfolio or competitor list. Select the Portfolio or Competitor page, and hit Fetch Report to identify the technologies used by the website.


There is also an option to directly fetch the technology report for different pages for the portfolio/competitor.

Go to the Portfolio/Competitor listing and select the page, switch to the Tech Lookup tab and click on the Lookup button to get the technology report for the page.


Step 2: Viewing the Report

Once the report is generated you can view the report by clicking on the View Tech Report button, which will give you a categorized view of all the technologies with their description.


You can view all your past generated reports from the History tab in the Technology page and click on the View Tech Report button.

To view reports specific to a portfolio or competitor, select the Portfolio or Competitor Tab.


Download PDF Report

You can also download the generated report in PDF format and share it with your team or clients. Just click on the Download PDF button from inside the report to download.


Please note that browser extensions can impact the report's layout and formatting. We recommend you to disable any browser extensions or use incognito mode before downloading the report.

Got Questions or Need Help??

Do you have any inquiries or need assistance related to Auditzy's technology lookup feature? Interested in a product demo to explore this functionality? Unsure about interpreting your technology results? Our dedicated support team is here to provide the guidance you need!

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