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Auditzy API

Effortlessly integrate Auditzy into your workflow with Auditzy API. Retrieve audit reports for any URL seamlessly by utilizing our user-friendly APIs, streamlining your auditing process or integrating it into your existing tools.

Why Auditzy API?

✅ Extract website performance reports programmatically and effortlessly integrate them into your CRM or any 3rd-party application.

✅ With instant access to your web performance data, you can make informed decisions faster, optimizing strategies and maximizing outcomes.

✅ Auditzy API ensures real-time performance data retrieval, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

How to use Auditzy API?

  • Login to your Auditzy account, if you are a new user then Signup into Auditzy.
  • Navigate to the Settings section on the left sidebar --> click on Profile --> click on Auditzy API key.
  • Click on Generate New API Key button.


After generating your key, just copy the key and head to our API Docs to learn how to use it.


Got Questions or Need Help?

For any inquiries or support related to Auditzy's API integration, including setup, configuration, or problem-solving, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

Would you like to see a demo of our product? We're here to help you achieve your goals effectively.

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