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Getting Started

Why use Auditzy?

Curious about what sets Auditzy apart as a Top Web Performance Management Tool out there?

Look no further than this article, which breaks down the unique features that make Auditzy stand out from the rest.

Built for Synthetic Monitoring with 5000+ Visitor Personas

Auditzy helps you monitor any website you want in more than 5000+ different visitor personas to understand the User Experience and Performance of the website w.r.t Lighthouse Metrics.

We provide various options to configure the Synthetic Monitoring of your website with:

  • 40+ Devices
  • 12+ Global Server Locations
  • 10+ Networks


Stand out by optimizing website performance based on the Visitor First Persona


Visitor First Persona is a metric coined by Auditzy Team which defines what kind of visitor(s) will visit your website and what can be their thought process while surfing the website.

This persona has 3 components that define the engagement:

  • Visitor Emotional Intelligence while surfing any website
  • Visitor Needs
  • Visitor Device, Network and Location


Automation & Bulk Testing

What sets Auditzy apart from other tools out there, is the ease of use and the level of automation.

With its Sitemap Extraction feature, you can easily extract all the URLs of your website via sitemap in just a few clicks and save time on the manual process.


On top of it, you can save more time by scheduling your website on a set frequency with the Scheduling feature.


Bulk Synthetic Audit is the most popular and loved features of Auditzy. With Bulk Audit, you can run multiple audits on different pages, devices, networks or locations without any hassle.


Real time notifications feature via Slack & Emails to keep you updated about you and your competitor website health.

Performance Data you can trust with detailed reports

Collecting reliable & accurate website performance data is a challenge. Many other tools try to avoid the cost of setting up a high-quality test environment (Recommended by Google Lighthouse Team itself) and rely on cheap and unreliable test environments.

Auditzy runs website tests in a controlled lab environment that is at par with the recommended test environment requirements by Google Lighthouse Team.

With tools like Pagespeed & Devtools, you only get reports for a defined set of persona for mobile & desktop device which can differ from the actual user persona and can lead to wrong insights.

Auditzy provides you with the most detailed reports with Lighthouse Metrics and Field Data to help you understand the performance of your website.


We regularly try to be in sync with the latest version of Lighthouse (currently running v11) and get you up to date insights about website's performance and other metrics.

The HAR (Http Archive) Insights section provides valuable information about the page load, including details about the size of different asset types rendered on the webpage, such as JS, CSS, Images, Fonts, JSON, and more.


The Crux Scores section presents valuable information about the Chrome Real User Experience Dataset (CrUX) for the audited URL over the last six months.


Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis helps you compare different websites and understand their strengths and weaknesses in terms of performance, SEO, accessibility, best practices, PWA, and page load details via HAR.


It also gives you apple to apple comparison of Core Web Vitals and other important metrics that are part of the Performance and affect the User Experience of the website.


If you want to gain deeper insights into why your competitors' websites load so quickly, Auditzy Compare is the perfect feature for you.

Additionaly it can help you:

  • Identify key areas to improve your website performance
  • Understand the market and your competitors
  • Spot Industry trends
  • Set benchmarks for your website


We've also incorporated a Core Web Vitals comparison section into our competitor analysis. This addition aims to provide insight into the user experience of various websites.


Integrations with your favourite third party providers

Auditzy integrates with your favourite third party providers like Slack, Github, etc. to help you automate your workflow and save time.

Slack Integration

Receive notifications when a scheduled audit is completed with the summarized score. Slack brings communication to one place. Let Auditzy push alerts connect to Slack channels for seamless integration.


Github Integration

Audit individual pull requests and monitor features that affect the health metrics of a particular web page. With GitHub integration, you have all essential updates in one space for better and quicker collaboration.

With Auditzy Github Integration you can connect your Github repository with our Github app and get automated audit reports when a PR is raised from the set branch.


Collaborate with Team members

Auditzy is a great place to collaborate with your team members and work closely with them to improve the performance of your website.

Team members can be easily onboarded to the Auditzy platform via an email invite. Team leads can choose the roles of different team members before onboarding.


And the best part is, you can just switch between different right from the top navigation bar and once you change between different teams, the whole dashboard gets optimized and updated as per the team you are working with.


Building something like Auditzy in-house?

Building a complex Lighthouse monitoring system like Auditzy in-house is generally not a good idea for the following reasons:

  • The simulated metrics from Lighthouse are unreliable
  • The cost of setting up a high-quality test environment is high
  • Custom systems are difficult to maintain over time, and you'll need to divert engineering time away from other projects.
  • Need a highly technical team to understand the core of Lighthouse and to build a complex system over it

What our customers have to say?

Auditzy™ is trusted by businesses like DaMENSCH, Schbang, Mavonic, Propsoch, and Staples, and 50 others, to help them maintain a competitive edge and provide their valued customers with an exceptional web experience.

Here's what our customers have to say about Auditzy:

Auditzy has become an indispensable tool for Schbang, serving as our go-to solution for all website performance and speed monitoring needs. It has streamlined the way we manage and maintain our clients' website performance under one convenient umbrella.

Sohil Karia - Co-Founder & CTO @ Schbang

As a software services provider, we can attest to the game-changing impact of Auditzy. The integrated Lighthouse metrics and Core Web Vitals tools have been instrumental in streamlining our website optimization strategies. These features, coupled with real-time competitor analysis and automated bulk testing, provide us with unparalleled performance insights.

Vaibhav Singh - Founder @ Mavonic

I am incredibly grateful for the assistance provided by Auditzy in evaluating the performance of my website, Propsoch.com. The results I obtained were truly eye-opening, shedding light on the reasons behind my struggles in gaining the necessary traction. I consider Auditzy to be an indispensable asset for dedicated technology business owners, and I cannot thank them enough for their remarkable support.

Ashish Acharya - Founder @ Propsoch

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