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White Label Reports

A White Label Report refers to a document or presentation created by one company that can be customized with the branding of another company.

Auditzy White Label Reports is an adaptable feature that allows different companies to utilize the report as their own by replacing the original logo with their own, providing a convenient and effective solution.

Advantages of White Label Reports

  • Branding Enhancement: Companies can present these reports as their own, bolstering their brand identity.
  • Cost Efficiency: White label reports help cut down on expenses related to report creation and design.
  • Client Delight: Delivering top-notch reports promptly enhances client satisfaction.

To begin using a White Label Report, the first step is to add your own Logo. To do this, go to the Reports section on the left sidebar and click on White Label Logo.

To customize your logo just click on Upload an Image button to choose an image for your logo. This logo will appear in all your special reports. For the best look, the ideal dimensions for logo is 72px x 160px.


For your custom Footer , go to the Reports section on the left sidebar and click on Footer.

  • Choose a template that best suits your company for your custom report, then click on Next.


  • You can fill details in this part to make the footer look the way you want. You can also decide which parts you want to see or hide in the report by using enable/disable button. After adding details click on Next.


  • Lastly, once you've added all the information, you can take a look at how the footer will appear. If you need to change anything, just click the Back button. If you're happy with how the footer looks, simply click Save.


Step 3 : Download Report

Once you've personalized both the logo and footer, downloading a report in Auditzy will provide you with a report that features your logo and custom footer. The report shown below serves as an illustration of how your customized report will appear, following the previously outlined steps.



Got Questions or Need Help??

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